Announcing the mimo Meme Contest🥳

Announcing the mimo Meme Contest🥳

🙋 Dear mimos,

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to the MIMO Meme Contest to our supporters. Here is the contest details😘

🎁Reward Pool: 700 $IOTX for each selected Meme and we will draw 15-20 awesome works.

Yeah, the better your work, the more you win! (Maybe someone will get 14K IOTX? 🤔)

⏰ Contest Period: 10AM, August 19th — 3PM, August 31th (UTC)

What to do:

✅ Please fill in your information and submit your works here:

Each person is allowed to submit 1-8 works. You can submit your works through the above link multiple times during the contest, but please do not submit the same works repeatedly.

✅ The meme needs to use mimo as the design element, and they need to be healthy, lively and interesting.

✅ Each static meme is unified in PNG format 512*512, and each dynamic meme is unified in GIF format 256px.

✅ Join mimo chatgroup( on Telegram and  follow @mimoprotocol on Twitter

✅ You can post your works on your twitter and tag @mimoprotocol. This will make it easier for us to notice you! 😍

How to calculate the winners

📍 This competition will collect 15-20 excellent meme and display them in the mimo community. Each winning entry can get 700IOTX - the better you are, the more you earn.

📍 Winners will be announced on Twitter within 10 working days after the competition ends.

About mimo

mimo is a decentralized exchange (DEX) with automated liquidity on IoTeX. Instead of a centralized order book, mimo utilizes liquidity pools and automated market making (AMM) algorithms to connect buyers and sellers of crypto-assets in a decentralized fashion. mimo allows anyone to trade or provide liquidity for various pairs of assets, where those that provide liquidity for a specific pool will share the transaction fees from trading.